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Merry Floofmas!!

Hallo dahlings!!!  Happy Poomas!!  We had Xmas brunch this morning and it was delicious!  Z made me a special broc and swiss quiche, and we had frenchy toast, bacon and beer bread.  It was good times.  Presents were also good.  ZJ got me a Casio keyboard so I can practice for my piano class next semester.  YAY!!!!  I am much excite.  I can HARDLY WAIT to start school this term.  I'm taking sign language, Geometry (barf!), piano (yay!), speech and chemistry.  It's going to be a good one.  Have to start thinking about when I'm going to apply for new schools next year.  Gotta be soon.  Slightly trepidatious.

On a high note, I'm coming home for the weekend bitches (as I'm sure you're well aware of)!  I'm planning to do a dinner thing for the peeps Sat (which you're all invited to.  Ty- tell faith for me) and then I'm thinking Karaoke Rev.  ZJ and Tati are coming too, so it'll be jamtastic.

Okay, beddy-bye time.  I have abother exciting day of drug hawking to do.  WOO! 

Bitches be City Clubbin!

And the header says it all.  : )  Had a VERY good time.  Music was only good some of the time, but apparently my dancing shoes didn't care, as long as it had a melody.  Lisee on the other hand, did disaapoint.  irl barely danced at all!!!  I guess that's what happens when you pre-smoke instead of pre-drink.  Live and learn.  Verne and Mike came along too and that was MUCH fun.  Mostly bcs Mike couldn't keep the look of excruciating pain off of his face.  It was HILARIOUS!  All in all a successfull night.  : )  We'll def have to do it again when Lisee is more Lisse-tastic.

When it rains it motherfucking pours...

Thanksgiving went well.  Went over to Frank and Rose's (ZJ's bro and sis-in-law) to cook w/ T and Rosemarie.  We were there until 4am the day before then I was there again at 1p Thanksgiving Day.  It went well considering, even with ALL THE SCREAMING THOSE PPL DO.  The food was good but we didn't get dinner on the table until 6:30p (which is only an hour and a half late : )  Unfortunately I didn't get to eat much of it.  Like a retatrd I didn't have any breakfast so by the time the appetizers (yes, APPETIZERS!!!) were ready I was RAVENOUS.  Must've eaten 8 or 10 cheesy poofs.  They was yummies.  But of course by the time dinner was ready I was full.  Made a plate, took it to the table, ate 1 asparagoose spear then proceeded to stare at my plate in disbelief.  It was a sad sad day for Misa...  And then to top it all off, me and Z had to do most of the clean up.  hat just PISSED ME OFF.  So we didn't get home until after midnight.  SO never doing that again.  Once was enough thank you very much. 

Tia came home Thurs for the holiday.  Poor baby took one look at the shambles I have made of her room and refuses to go back in there until I'm fully moved out.  : ) 

We got a call yesterday from Crystal (Chief's daughter) yesterday.  Her bro, Johnny, got in a REALLY bad car accident Fri night.  He was driving his baby car and got hit on the drivers side by an SUV.  He has a broken/ fractured pelvis (broken in the back, fractured in the front), a cracked hip bone, a bruised sternum, torn spleen, and a bleed in his brain.  He had a seizure on the way to  the hospital and another while he was getting a CAT scan.  We of course, ran on down here to see him.  Made it in too late yesterday to see him, but we went today and it was heartbreaking.  It's so hard to see him like that.  They took him off the pain meds last night bcs they want to see if he gets more responsive.  He's still completely out of it, he recognizes us but can't really vocalize anything.  ZJ and I decided to stay here another day.  I just can't leave yet. We had a sweat last night for him.  It was good.  We got some new stones (BIG ones)  and it was HOTT.  Oy.   
Yes, yes, I have finally got bitched out ROYALLY by a crazy hormonal 'Ican't get pregnant' woman.  Oy.  And yes, I cried.  But only a little then I was fine.  : )  Only good thing to come out of it was I got to bond with my supervisor Kim.  Maybe she's not as beechy as she seems.  Either way, I can relate to her better now and not take it so personally when she freaks the fuck out.  Ugh.  Still looking for new jobs though.  Brookfield Zoo has another opening for a keppers aide and I am applying to volunteer at the local wildlife rescue here.  It continues to amaze me how much WILD life is around here.  This place is way more of a bustling city than home but the crtters are EVERYWHERE.  It's craziness.

Nothing much else to report captain!  Had a girls night at Tati's yesterday and found a sweet ass new show on Animal Planet.  It's called 'Whale Wars' and it's aboout a non-profit anti-whaling crew who goes out into the Antarctic ocean and sabotages Japanese whalers by tangling nets in their boat propellers and throwing stink bombs and jelly bombs (to make the deck slippery) on board.  It's def a good time.  Last night 2 of the crew (an Englishman and an Aussie) boarded one of the Japanese 'research' ships and were being held hostage.  It was mostly terrifying.  And of course now I have to tune it ot see what happens.  Don't worry, I'll keep you updated!  : )

Look who's back from the ded!!! =D

Wazzup homefries!!  I am so very excite.  I got my new baby on Friday but I had the evil day from HELL at work and I was very much 'Fuck EVERYTHING!'.  But now life is good again. 

Zia and I went shopping CRAZY tis weekend to replace all the stuff I lost in the flood.  I bought new luggage, a sweet ass sweet matresses and a SLEIGH BED!!!  It's cherry wood and very awesome.  Still need to find a bedside table, bookcases and some other furniture type stuff.  Then I get to do the fun stuff-- go to Borders and replenish my library!  YAY!!!!  The boys showed up this morning to start working on the downstairs and it looks as though they have the new walls roughed in.  Maybe it all realy will be done in 2 weeks.  I am VERY hopefull.

Tati and Rosemarie came over Sunday so we could go over the Thanksgiving menu and flesh oout who was doing what.  It went very well.  Tati wasn't at all evil as I was afraid she might be.  She and Z are taking care of the desserts and appiteezers (yes, APPITIZERS for Thanksgiving.  Whatev.).  Only thing I'm kinda bummed about is that Rosemarie is pretty admant about having good old Stove Top stuffing instead of me trying a homemade one.  Mer.  : (  Guess I'll have to torture ya'll instead. 

Okay, question time!  Should I make a move on my math teacher?  I got a message from a guy on the Cupes and I don't want to not explore him but DEF want to jump Mr. Math.  HELP!!!!!!!  Comments DEMANDED!!!!! 

Dude, seriously...

Oy.  I'm getting too old to stay up this late.

Anyway, Labor Day was funs.  ZJ and I went to Indiana (Indy) for the weekend to play w/ Tia.  We were supposed to go to a Powwow on Sat but T was sick so we ended up hanging around the hotel.  She was feeling better later on, so we picked up Heather and headed downtown to Indy Fringe, which was basically crazy ass independent theater.  It was flippin SWEET!!!  We saw this guy, Phil Van something who was HILARIOUS!  The name of the show was 'Phil the Void'.  He was great.  He has that smart humor that makes you think...  I think.  : )

Funny aside-- While we were on our way to Phil's show, Tia fell down a (singular) stair and ended up snapping a couple of tendons/ligaments in her ankle.  HAH!!!

Sunday we spent the day dealing with Tia's injury and trying to leave Indy.  We didn't get on the road til 7 or 8p.  And the ppl on the road were DOUCHES!!!!  Personally, I think I did an admirable job keping m cool.  Honestly!  : )  But, I'll admit I had a hairy happy cow when I saw the douche who blinded me with his brights (on purpose, fucker) pulled over by a statey farther up the road.  Made me warmer than a adult beverage ever has.  Ah, sweet justice!

The job front has been pretty dismal.  Admittedly, Im kinda holding out for that Zoo job, but those insurance ppl have called me again and I'm going to apply at Borders and National City, just to cover my butt.  Stupid money.  Nothing but trouble. 

Internetting and other fun

Well, fianlly got my comp set up with the wireless and all that jazz.  Only took about and hour, but I had to call the AT&T guys to fix the router.  It didn't like me. ~sniffle!~  Anyway, so now I am officially set up and open for business (yay baby!).  

The week has been pretty dull.  Dropped off my resume to the Zoo, fingers crossed!!  I would pee myself with joy.  School is going okay.  Had to give my first speech yesterday.  Wasn't as horrible as I expected but not as good as I had hoped.  It's def easier when most of the kids in the class are nearly 10 years younger than you.  I could honestly care less what little kids think of me.  

Today is shaping up to be a homework and job applying day.  Biches need $ ASAP!  Otay, well that's it for now.  

Shits & giggles

Oy magoy!

So, school is good.  Not nearly as scary times as I thought it would be.  Speech looks horrifying but the prof may not be a douche so there is hope.  Italian is WAY less scary then last year.  The prof reminds me of hanging with the fam and even looks like mom a bit (in a good way).  She was vey chatty and Italian, so it was more like having a convo than learning a language.  Very effective.  : )  Yesterday was my first math class.  My prof is cute... and 4 years younger than me.  It was hilarious.  I can't believe I'm officially in the age bracket where shit like that happens.  SAVE ME!!!

Still unemployed!  But I got a call from somebody yesterday about working at a call center for PA's (prior authorizations) btwn the dr's office and the insurance company.  It sounds promising.  And it's not directly customer service, which makes me happy inside.  Also applied for a zoo keeper assistant position at the Brookfield Zoo.  Z knows somebody on the board, so she faxed him my app.  I'm EXTREMELY hopeful.  If I got that job I would PEE myself with joy.  Not only is it working with animals (yay!!) it also starts at $18-something/hr.  Fuck yeah.  Oh please oh please oh please!  I would be beyonf excite.

Other than that, not too much else has been going on.  I've very nearly got all of my unpacking done.  Just have to find a spot for the 590735862983401434 purses I couldn't live without.  : )  I had no idea had so many chotskies!  I'll take pix for you guys.  See y'all this weekend!

Brown chicken brown cow!


Well, I am officially an Illinioian (if that's even a word).  Moving Day was HORRID!  I never want to move again.  Zia Madelyn did very well weathering the storm.  I was defenitely a mega bitch.  : )  Of course, it might have gone differently if all my peeps hadn't desserted me for Cedar Point.  Bastards.  They are SO lucky we're related.  Just for that, I'm going to take the good TV back with me next time I had visit home.   My poor boys were just beside themselves.  They traveled well, though Simon poo/peed in his crate bcs flippin Mike thought it was mean not to feed them for a day.  Dumbass.  How I wish I could send him the smelly rag I used to clean the crate out with.  They are settling in well, though they are sticking to me like glue.  I feel so bad leaving them downstairs alone.  : (  But hey, bitches gotta play on the internets sometime right? 

Tati did a nice job fixing up the basement for me.  She and Rosemarie (her other cousin) even ripped out the crappy bathroom to give me a closet.  I feel the <3!  The colors are a bit off from what I'd choose for myself, but close enough.  As soon as I'm unpacked and set up I'll post some pix on the space for y'all.

No big plans for today.  Waiting for the cable guy, going to check out my new school and scope out where my classes are.  School starts Wed.  Eeek!  Having a baby cow.  But it'll be okay, once I get over the first day jitters.  Right?

Also finally checked me kcups mail.  Got a positive reply from Mark.  Now that I know he's Faith's Mark, I'm a tad bit reluctant to go further with him.  So, I kinda copped out and asked him if he knew anyone named Faith bcs he looks SO familiar.  Yes, I'm a chicken shit, I know.  : )

Later gators!! 

I must be out of my mind....


Starting to freak myself out.  I'm about to make a decision (COMPLETELY BY MYSELF!!!) that will change the course of my life and I'M EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!!!!  Okay, here it is.  I'm saying it out loud and there's n ogoing back.

I'm going to apply for an intership at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago for the fall.

Whew!  I haven't even really discussed it with Verne yet.  Called ZJ to make sure she wouldn't mind if I invaded her for a few months (or longer), but that's it.  Mentioned it to ZM and she didn't freak out too badly.  Did try to find me a job at the Detroit Zoo though. : )  I already looked at the DZ online and there's not really much there for me.  The jobs are either WAY out of my league or don't pay enough and they don't pay their interns.  Starting to get really, really, REALLY excited.  Almost (but not totally) wish I wasn't going on vacay just yet so that I would have more time to get my app and recommendations together.  It's due July 1.  Have to have 5 recommendations (3 personal, 2 professional/acedemic).  Going to ask Donovan and maybe Pat at work and Diane from Horses Haven, but I'm stumped for the other 2.  Kinda want to ask Sandy to do one but I'm afraid she would freak out on me.  Like to think she would understand, but I really feel like I don't even know her anymore.

If you guys have any suggestions for other candidates, let me know.  This is prob the only time I have actively wished I had a laptop.  Then I could take it with me to Alaska and keep my momentum going. 


Wish me luck!!